We’ve got a lot of love to give

to our friends and family that have made our journeys possible. This section of our website is dedicated to getting crafty fun content to you, our supporters, full of mirth and free of charge. Whether you want to hear the vloggy details of our travels or just get the first scoop on our new releases, this is a place for Sinners to congregate.

You know what? We even got a love song for y’all. Go get a download of it for free. Go geddit!

And dont forget, you can always get in direct contact with the band for any comments, questions, or requests you may have!

Jay Drapes: (707)210-2512 [text first to check availability!]



Check out this playlist of 7 videos we recorded at Lestat’s West, and be sure to come back Wednesday for the release of our newest music video from Santa Barbara! Don’t be afraid to share with yer friends.

tour log!

We will be posting a weekly log of our 9 week tour, so be sure to check in here for regular updates on our adventure!