Snaps for Sinners

Snaps for Sinners perform their hot n' swingin'
new single — 'my worry'

Sassy Swing Served Up Hot & Saucy; the Sonoma County band Snaps for Sinners debuts this single from the upcoming album 'Dirt Brown Pig.' Get a FREE download of their latest releases on the front page of www.snapsforsinners.com. Shoot as an email about arranging a show near you!

infectiously eccentric americana

Kickin up a cocktail with the unique flavor blend of classy folk, furious funk & some sassy swing, this raggedy crew of streetwise fashionistas promises to supply saucy sounds that set your boots to stompin' and your booty to shakin'.


Michael Fierro — Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Jay Drapes — Upright Bass, Accordion, Trumpet, Vox
Corwin Zekley — Fiddle, Vox

Libby Cuffie — Percussion, VoxStu Manzano -- Keys
Michael Fortunato — Saxophones, clarinets, & flutes
Stu Manzano — Keys
Nate Dittle — Keys
Chris Cory — Bari Sax

boot.set list.rsmf2017.jpg

‘how the apple falls’ tour