Snaps for Sinners

 The Sinners have finished recording their second album and couldn’t be more eager to share it with their audience nationally. Featuring the music of the core trio, it explores an attitudal range of styles including swing, world folk, funk, and americana that paint an undeniably danceable & diverse musical landscape.

Michael Fierro, Jay Drapes, and Corwin Zekley recorded the album in their new home in Springfield, MO. While focused on the playing of the trio, it includes special appearances on drums, trumpet, accordion, & more, all played by your favorite Sinners.

The album is being released track by track online, and will only be available in its entirety at live shows.

They will be taking “The Cat’s Medicine” on the road for the summer months through the South, West Coast, and middle states of the US. Check the tour calendar below to see your opportunity to catch Snaps for Sinners live in concert!

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Steamy ROCKabilly-Swing served Hot & Saucy

Snaps for Sinners is a sassy swing ensemble hellbent on making people dance and have a good time, while also delivering a powerful progressive message that inspires empathy and altruism. With influences ranging from traditional Jazz to Folk-Punk to Country, Snaps for Sinners is dedicated to creating an all-inclusive experience through the blending of multicultural arts.

Since the release of their first album, “How the Apple Falls” and the success of their debut tour from Northern California to North Carolina and back, Snaps for Sinners have been igniting audiences nationally. They are now touring the release of their second album, “The Cat’s Medicine,” which is only available in it’s entirety at their live shows this Summer.

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“The Cat’s Medicine” release Tour — summer 2019


Getting people of all ages on their feet and shaking their butts whether it’s swing, folk, blues or rock, Snaps for Sinners delivers a theatrical and engaging experience with a tasteful new-age fusion of the cornerstone styles of American music. 

Whether it is composing for your circus or playing traditional folk songs for your wedding, The Sinners rises to the task.

Whether it is composing for your circus or playing traditional folk songs for your wedding, The Sinners rises to the task.

private or special events

Having played over 400 shows together, the musicians in Snaps for Sinners have made their performance accessible in almost every imaginable environment. Festivals, punk dives, prestigious jazz clubs, cowboy bars, wineries, senior homes, circuses, weddings and intimate house concerts alike have invited the Sinners in, so don’t be afraid to reach out and see how great a fit they can be for your event.

Festivals, fairs & markets

'I think they’ve written 50+ new songs in the time I’ve known them and they have enough breadth of skill and sound to handle a variety of audiences.  I foresee them continuing on this path, as the size and number of their gigs keeps snowballing.

The breadth of songs, their musical sensibilities and their abilities to self-promote are why booking them for the SF Free Folk Festival was a Success'

Jeremy Friedenthal
San Francisco Free Folk Festival

Snaps for Sinners enraptures crowds at festivals, gets people drinking at bars, entertains guests at weddings and wineries, and eagerly invite other phenomenal bands to share their stages so they can put on the most engaging entertainment possible.

Playing through the hail with a loyal crowd at Railroad Square Music Festival

Playing through the hail with a loyal crowd at Railroad Square Music Festival

bars, restaurants & Medium sized-venues

“Raised the roof; nearly blew the door off the place!”

— Joe Seta, booker at Sequoia Room, voted top 3 Jazz clubs in the United States, following a sold out performance for SFS’s first time playing the venue.

Jazz & neo-soul

Although regarded mostly as a dance band, SFS also finds inspiration in more intimate, personal and moving musics. Their Instrumental influence and sultry vocal harmonies have time to shine in Jazz listening spaces, such as The Sequoia Room & Esquire Jazz Club, where sold out performances were nonetheless met with hushed and attentive crowds.

SfS getting sentimental at the Sequoia Room Find more at www.snapsforsinners.com 3/1/19 at the Sequoia Room, Fort Bragg, CA Michael Fierro - Guitar & Vox Jay Drapes - Bass Corwin Zekley - Fiddle Libby Cuffie - Drums Michael Fortunato - Flute Stu Manzano - Keys Audio by Sean Van Buskirk & Michael Fierro